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What's New at SIKA Footwear?

Feet First - August 2006

August 3rd, 2006:


August 2006


Hospitality Industry - Safety is Important!
Keep Your Footwear Clean!
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HostEx Show 2006

Hospitality Industry - Safety is Important!

Creating a culture in your workplace that says, "Safety is important!" is one of the best ways to reduce accidents. Consultant Steven Simon uses the following analogy to explain safety culture. He says that the basic elements of any stew are the meat and vegetables, (an appropriate example for the restaurant industry!) which he equates to essential safety elements such as training and equipment. The culture is the broth, and no matter how excellent the meat and vegetables; no stew can survive a "rancid broth."

Prevention is key. Employee training and awareness can help identify risks and prevent accidents. Wearing proper footwear allows employees to deal more effectively with the general hazards that are part of their jobs. These hazards include foot protection from machinery and equipment, back injury prevention, slips and falls as well as cuts and burns to the feet.

Part of your restaurant's slip and fall prevention efforts should include a slip resistant footwear program. Equally important is providing your employees with proper arch support. Don't look for a footwear program that addresses the slip and fall issue alone. Ensure the footwear has the proper arch support, providing employees relief from possible back/neck pain and a vast number of ailments that can affect their future health. Employees who are comfortable are better able to do their jobs!

You can make an impact on employee slip/falls accidents when you advise them with some footwear basics. Many brands of athletic shoes, footwear that has leather soles or high heel shoes are generally not designed with proper sole compounds, tread patterns, arch support or slip resistancy.

SIKA Footwear is designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. Safety toes are optional, and the treads of the soles are oil resistant and designed for slip resistancy. 

Keep Your Footwear Clean!

Having appropriate footwear is a great start, but everything gets soiled, greasy, and worn out over time. Train staff to check their footwear's overall cleanliness and condition before starting their shift. Imbedded grease and food particles on the sole of a shoe negate its slip resistant properties. And just like the tires on a vehicle, once the tread is worn, it's time to obtain new footwear. How long footwear lasts differs from person to person.

Please bear in mind that no footwear is 100% slip resistant, and no one should be making such a claim. There are several factors that influence slip resistance and slip and fall prevention including: type of flooring materials; floor finish; floor construction and preventative maintenance; type and condition of footwear being worn; contamination on the floor (water, oil, food, soil, etc.); and a person's physical and mental characteristics (vision, balance, walking stride/speed, health, mental alertness, etc.).

Sign Up Your Company Today!

We want to help you outfit your employees with the proper footwear that they require. You need your employees to be safe on the job. Let's team up together to provide the best possible footwear solution for your employees. For additional information, visit www.sikafootwear.com or call 1-800-665-2124.

HostEx Show 2006

We are pleased to participate in The HostEx Show 2006 held at the International Trade Show in Toronto, Ontario on October 15, 16 and 17. Stop by and see us at Booth 2329 in Hall 2. decided to make SIKA Footwear their footwear of choice.

SIKA Footwear
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Written By: Shelley Awad
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